The Original Digital Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine!

Editor's Note

Welcome to The 'New' Western Flyfisher.

I call it 'NEW' because I really donít believe that the original Western Flyfisher can be duplicated. There was an aligning of the planets when Western Flyfisher was first conceived plus some Millennium Voodoo thrown in for good measure. The energy and excitement that went into Western Flyfisher was incredible. Nothing like it had ever been done before.

Western Flyfisher was launched at a time when technology was changing the way we thought and the way we did things on a daily basis. Most of today's high tech realities were only available on the Star Ship Enterprise and the rest of us were cursing our 9600K dial-up Internet connections. Well, at last, the world has finally caught up with Western Flyfisher. And, earth's first digital fly fishing magazine is back!

I suppose it's fitting that while the times have changed, so has Western Flyfisher. Our issues feature a new and slightly different layout than the previous issues. The new layout makes downloading much faster. We are using a bit less color now so you can print a copy and it wonít drain your ink cartridges. But donít let the smaller size fool you, it is still packed full of great information, photos and artwork. We hope you enjoy it.


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